Benefits that Meet Your Needs

Self-learning new arc features with AI model.
Accurate arc fault detection
via local neural network algorithm.
Speedy arc fault protection by inverter shutdown in 0.5s

Auto Detection

of All System Devices


All inverter connected devices can be automatically detected in FusionSolar app.

Visible Power Flow


Module-Level Monitoring


Statistical Indicator

2 x POWER Battery Ready For More Energy

A 5KTL inverter allows 5KW full power AC  output plus 5KW full power battery charge

More Daytime Consumption. Inverter output full power for daytime energy consumption
More Nighttime Consumption. Inverter chargers ESS at full power for more nighttime energy consumption

Solar Module Optimizer

Up to 30% more power with Optimizer

Smart String ESS with Energy Optimizer

A string of battery modules for flexible expansion
Energy optimizer to manage charge/discharge per module independently, supports new and old battery module mixed in one system without usable energy restriction.




No Worry About Power Outage
With Backup Power


System switches to backup mode to supply emergent power to critical load automatically when power outage.

Smart string ESS supports black start from blackout to restore system operating

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