The Boston Mechanical Dog has recently been the talk of the robotics industry for a number of reasons. Huawei, a company that is leading in smartphone innovations, has also come up with its own version of a robotic dog. Huawei’s robot dog is very similar to that of the Boston team.

The news came to the surface after a digital blogger wrote about Huawei’s interesting “robot” product on August 23 at the offline store of Huawei in Shenzhen. According to the blog-post of the blogger, offline communication activities at the Shenzhen Huawei Store, Huawei Central Research Institute, put up an AI robot dog intelligent technology. It is the brainchild of both Huawei and Yushu Technology for a full-scene AI technology solution.

As exciting as that sounds, the blogger was quick to mention that the new robotic dog is not yet up for the personal consumer terminal but mad for a mechanical device for enterprises. If Huawei robotic dog is used in certain scenarios such as intelligent recognition and target positioning then the robot can achieve dynamic multi-target tracking and active target following with full technological content.

Huawei’s robot dog makes use of Huawei’s AI technology which includes leading-edge AI technology exploration, mature AI technology application, and full-scenario AI technology solutions. The design team at Huawei too made the end product one of its kind. The dog is designed in such a way that it is very flexible and can even perform forward somersaults.

In contrast, there had been years of research and development behind the success of the Boston mechanical dog. The technology behind the Boston Mechanical dog has not matured, and now it can function tasks such as maritime patrolman, frontline anti-epidemic assistant, park security, and herder. Moreover, the Boston mechanical dog has been released to the public. Since Huawei’s robotic dog is very similar to that of Boston’s, it should go public soon too.